It can be difficult to work a perfectly straight mattress stitch seam when you don't have an edge to work along. Using a knitting needle as a guide, you can make sure your pocket seam isn't crooked.


Pull the pocket to the side to reveal the space directly next to the pocket.


Insert needle into the first bar above the space next to the pocket. Skip the next bar and insert the needle again into the bar above that.


Continue in this way, picking up every other bar to the top of the pocket. If you're not sure how high to go, pick up a few more. You can always just pull the needle out at the top if you've picked up more than enough.


With your seaming yarn, insert a tapestry needle into the first pocket bar and draw through, just as you would to seam any two fabric edges together, leaving a selvedge stitch on the edge.


Insert tapestry needle into first stitch on knitting needle and draw through.


Insert tapestry needle into next two bars at edge of pocket and draw through.


Continue mattress stitch as established, inserting the tapestry needle into one stitch on the needle, followed by two stitches at the edge of the pocket, and drawing yarn through firmly, but not so tightly that the seam puckers. Do this to the top of the pocket. If any stitches remain on the needle, simply remove it and smooth out the stitches.

Placing a Lifeline

Picking Up Stitches Using a Lifeline

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